Mitchel in ColoradoMy current life

I am a IT dude living in Chicago Illinois. I graduated in June of 2011 from DePaul University with a bachelors degree in e-commerce technology. I am currently working at Guaranteed Rate as a ScrumMaster. If you want to see more detailed information check out my employment page.

How I came to be

When I was in high school I was taking a cyber class. Here, all the students worked together maintaining and updating the school website using a platform called SOCS. The teacher of the class (Mark Victor) was heavily involved in the community and was asked if he had a few students from the classes that would be willing to redo the websites for the two local towns (Marseilles and Seneca). I was lucky enough to be one of the few students who got to work on the sites. In particular I was in charge of redoing the Marseilles website. This was a huge honor to be able to redo the website for my hometown.

Jump ahead to Joliet Junior College. I was initially attending the college seeking a degree in game development. I figured since I loved gaming so much that working on them would be a no brainier. After seeing the career outlook for other things I was interested in though, I finally decided that I wanted to pursue web development as a career. Another lucky opportunity came my way as well. One of my teachers notified me that the college was looking for a intern to help on the college website. I immediately contacted the IT department and had the interview the very next day! After a quick interview (about 10 minutes) I had met with the web master and had landed the internship. Over the next year I learned ASP.NET and C# and discovered that web development was my calling.

Wanting to further my education, I decided to attend DePaul University and pursue a degree in e-commerce technology. The road to get my degree has been a long one, but it has been worth it. It is here that we finally arrive at present day!

My interests & hobbies

If you have not guessed by now, I am a bit of a geek! I find anything and everything to do with computers interesting. In particular though, I am a gamer at heart. In fact, game development was the original career I wanted to get into before discovering the web. My ultimate goal is to merge my love of games and IT together and work for a game company. But I digress. Outside of games (PC in particular) I also really enjoy music, motorcycles, flying, videos/movies, and relaxing and socializing with friends.

I own a cruiser motorcycle as well as a dirt bike. During the summer time I LOVE to ride. Just so you know, I DO where a helmet ALL the time! I also used to fly airplanes. This was mainly while I was in high school. I did get certified to fly, but never really went past that due to my true love of computers.

Feel free to check out my steam profile.