Here are the tools that I personally use on a consistent basis. I highly recommend them for organizing your life and saving time and credit all of them for helping me get to where I am today.

FULL DISCLOSURE – Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you sign up for or purchase some of these tools I may earn a commission or referral bonus. These commissions or bonuses are not paid for by you when you sign up. Do NOT feel pressured to sign up for any of these unless you are genuinely interested in them and think they would be helpful for you as well.


I need a budget and so do you! I switched from to YNAB back  in July of 2014 when YNAB was desktop software you had to install on your computer. Now they have a new web version which I have switched over to and continue to use to this day. YNAB’s method & software paired with Dave Ramsey’s baby steps get FULL credit for how I became debt free and with how I am becoming financially successful.

You can sign up for a free 34 day trail over at their site. They also offer 100% free live online classes which are extremely helpful when you are first getting started.

Google Drive/Docs

I don’t backup my computer or pay for cloud backups because I have everything worth keeping in Google Drive for FREE. This includes things like a virtual copy of my will, a running list of goals I have, a running log of when I changed my motorcycle oil, notes that I take while reading books, food recipes, a list of my favorite beers & wines, notes for side work clients, crunching quick numbers via sheets (their version of excel), and more. I think the best part though is that when you create a Google doc you can have multiple people viewing and editing the same document in real time. As an example, I love doing this for vacation trips since multiple people can put in activities and other trip details in one place that stays updated for everyone. It also has great security features to lock down shared files to individual people or open things up to everyone.

Just head over to Google Drive and get started!


With my business (M27 Marketing) I do paid online advertising for other businesses. A major piece of doing that is establishing monthly ad budgets that businesses are targeting to spend on advertising. Each client can have several ad campaigns across several platforms, and all those platforms have their own ways of determining how much they can spend. As an example the main one I use is AdWords, where you set a budget per day per campaign (some clients have many campaigns). As I started getting more clients, having to go in and adjust these daily limits on every campaign for every client to correctly pace towards their monthly budget targets started eating up a LOT of time that I could otherwise be using to actually work on the ad campaigns or get more clients. Shape (previously called SteadyBudget) literally puts all of that work on autopilot & gives me all of that time back to work with clients and grow my business. On top of that they are pumping out new features that keeping solving real problems, like having ad campaign budgets rollover.

They have a free 31 day trial that is totally worth checking out, even if you don’t end up paying for it.


When I first started my business my biggest struggle was most of my clients are far away from me and I had no good way of invoicing them or quickly getting paid. FreshBooks makes invoicing and billing stupid simple and painless. With the power of recurring invoices I have it setup to where I spend ~1 hour a month TOTAL doing accounting work. If you have a business where you need to invoice and bill clients look no further.

Get a free month of FreshBooks and see for yourself.