Below you can see websites/projects that I have completed, as well as my current projects. I also have my full skill set on my site as well.

Completed Projects

Evergreen Electric Supply

A thumbnail preview of evergreensupply.com
Through a referral I was introduced to Evergreen. After visiting their site I saw it was in dire need of a refresh and update. For this project I actually brought in a designer as well to ensure the look of the new website was very clean, modern, and responsive for mobile devices.

RC Militia

RC Militia is a vision of a close friend of mine. One of his big hobbies is RC cars. He has a YouTube channel where he makes assorted videos about anything and everything RC. With his channel gaining more and more popularity (it has over 2 million views), we decided that a website was the next evolution of the brand. After about a month of nailing down the design, features, and content for the site, this is one of the funnest sites I have ever made. Working closely together we are building out the brand further and focusing on growing his subscriber base on YouTube and his following on Facebook.

Dr. Lisa Gold, D.N.

A thumbnail preview of drgoldwellness.com
Through a referral I learned that Dr. Lisa Gold was looking for someone to redo her website. Lisa had a very specific vision for what she wanted with the new website. She loved the way her old site looked, but wanted to have a way she could update it herself. After migrating her old site into WordPress, we worked together and built out a new design that resembled her old site. Her new site keeps the spirit of her old layout alive, and is built using WordPress so that she can manage it herself!

Ren Wilkey

A thumbnail preview of renwilkey.com
Ren is an old friend of mine. We grew up right down the road from each other and both attended DePaul University. Ren is an animator, so he needed a quick and easy site to manage his portfolio of work. Built off of WordPress and Flickr, his site gives him a place to show off his work, and will be a critical asset for him throughout his career.


While working at Providential one of the managers (Tim Padavic) approached me about creating a new site based around videos. Since I had never done a video site before I was more than happy to jump on board and try something new. I found a great way to manage the videos using WordPress and Tim provided me with mock-ups of how he wanted it to look. Since we were able to work very closely together on it the entire process took only about 2 weeks to do! We were both extremely happy with how it turned out.

Providential Bancorp

This is the first project I did when I got my internship at Providential Bancorp. Their old website was severely outdated and needed an overhaul. The entire process took about a month to do and we had significant gains in traffic after the update.

On top of redesigning the website for Providential I also completed several internal projects as well including:

  • Custom build HR/employee management application
  • Employee reports based off of internal databases for management
  • Creating and expanding an intranet site for employees
  • Proprietary searchable database to make loan origination more efficient
  • Lead analytics to determine best providers of leads
  • Expanding internal projects and white labeling systems to be available to other companies

Demon Groups (DePaul Capstone)

A thumbnail preview of Demon Groups
This was the website I helped make for my DePaul capstone class. The site served as an online collaboration tool. We were able to implement a forum, chat, file sharing, and group control system. My contributions were mostly in the layout and organization of the site. I also created and managed the group website for our actual classmates. Unfortunately the project site has been taken down by the group member who was hosting it.

St. Gregory Parish Credit Union

A thumbnail preview of Saint Gregory Parish Credit Union
This is a website that I created for a class project. There were a total of 3 people who worked on the site. One person wrote the content, one person did the navigation, and I brought everything together and created the site as a whole. I really love how clean the site turned out to be considering this was one of the earlier websites I ever made.

Art Explorations

A thumbnail preview of artexplorations.com
Ah yes, this is one of the first websites that I did entirely on my own. This site was the first time I used WordPress, so it was quite a learning experience. Little did I know how much I would be using WordPress in the future! The site was for my mother, who is an artist. She had a very specific design she wanted, which was challenging given it was one of the first websites I ever made. However at the time I felt truly accomplished for building my first website using WordPress.

Current Projects

Illinois Township Attorneys Association (work in progress)