Planetary Annihilation Wallpaper

A few days ago I made a wallpaper for a game called Planetary Annihilation that recently got funded through Kickstarter. I made it using pieces of concept art for the commander units that will be in the game. I posted it over on the Planetary Annihilation Reddit and it got a fair amount of views (about 750 as of this posting), so I figured I would take the chance to post up my actual original Photoshop file and the art assets I used. I have also included some fun tips and facts about how I made it below. So, with no further delay, here are all the links!

For those of you interested in the making of, here are a few key points of the project:

  1. After trying out a few designs I decided to follow the original concept art style provided by Uber. I had initially tried to incorporate the logo into the background, but it never looked like it belonged. In this case, I actually ended up using the same font and font coloring format in the original concept art. Here is one of their original concepts I drew the idea from (and used in the final product).
  2. Only two of the commanders in the final product are original Uber concepts. The two outside commanders, Teufel and P, are both fan made concepts that were posted on the forums.
  3. I love layer masks! I use these in nearly every Photoshop document I have ever done. It allows you to cover up and hide parts of a layer (image for you non-Photoshop people) you do not want to see. What’s great is that you can always go back and redo the layer mask, so the original assets never lose data (like if you erased it). Here is a quick screen cap of the layer mask I put on for the red (Teufel) commander.

Well, that is it for now. Just figured I would share this stuff for fun, so I hope you enjoyed it! To leave it all off, here is how my desktop looks with the wallpaper…