LinkedIn recommendation from classmate

Huge thanks to my old class-mate Lindsey Henderson-Kuka for writing a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. You can read the full recommendation below or on my LinkedIn profile. “It was easy working with Mitchel in our Senior Capstone Course. He was willing to take on other parts of the project […]

Open Flash Charts for ASP.NET

I recently had to find a charting solution for a project at my internship. One solution was to use Open Flash Chart. The only problem is that there is very little documentation for using Open Flash Chart in ASP.NET. Also, I could not find any examples of OFC pulling from […]

New pages added!

After thinking a bit, I finally have a sensible way of organizing my site. I added a few new pages (about me and skills & knowledge) as well as a menu drop down to go straight to my code examples. I updated almost all of the pages on the site […]

Gridview Totals

This example will be on calculating totals on gridviews in Languages and tools used: ASP.NET C# Visual Studio To start with you will need a gridview. You will need to note the ‘DataField’ for each column because you will be referencing these when you go in to calculate a […]

Coming Up – Code Samples/Tutorials

I am trying to figure out what else I should include on my website. I think I am going to shoot for posting one new sample/tutorial on my site a week. To start out I will post something this upcoming weekend.  This week’s code will be a nifty little chunk of C# […]

Site Relaunch!

I have finally got around to putting WordPress on my website. There are still quite a few things that I would like to make changes to (including making my own template), but at least my website is up and running. For now I just have a work related page.