LinkedIn recommendation from classmate

Huge thanks to my old class-mate Lindsey Henderson-Kuka for writing a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. You can read the full recommendation below or on my LinkedIn profile.

“It was easy working with Mitchel in our Senior Capstone Course. He was willing to take on other parts of the project when our other team members were falling behind or swamped. He designed the site we built and was open to criticism and possible changes we presented once we saw the look and feel of the site. He helped me with several documents that we were building and added a lot of feedback to the competitive analysis when we really needed more. He was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with him again outside of DePaul as I graduate this June. If there are any projects that I need help with, I’m glad to contact him and work together.”

May 28, 2011
Lindsey Henderson-Kuka, Student, DePaul University, studied with Mitchel at DePaul University